Vila Paim Vacations

Because Vila Paim is located on one of the most beautiful islands in the Azores, Ilha do Pico, there was a huge opportunity to develop rural accommodation with minimal impact, in order to involve the local community, maintain and promote the authenticity of the existing attractions. , value the regional culture, develop the service in a personalized and typically familiar way.
In addition to these fundamental factors, we feel that it could be a privileged place for a unique experience, combined with the need for physical and mental rest, entertainment and fun, the search for family/personal history, the acquisition of new knowledge, contact with the nature and obviously with rural contact.

About Us

Based on the life story of a gentleman called "Paim", typical inhabitant of Pico, Picaroto, rural worker, very active and dynamic, it was he who ruled the house and imposed the daily rhythm.
Hard worker, with a lot of sacrifice in his day-to-day, he worked the field in lava land like no one else to raise the various children, Vila Paim took shape dedicating its name to Avô Paim as an example man for the whole family . That's how 4 accommodation units were born.
Welcome to our tourist resort and enjoy a dream vacation, enjoying all the comfort in full contact with nature, overlooking the mountain of Pico and the neighboring island of São Jorge. Situated on the north side of Pico Island, Vila Paim consists of 4 houses with the following descriptions.